In a world very similar to our own, but still different, things have been happening along a different series of events. Events influenced by the existence of super-powered beings. These beings have become both hero and villain.

Now, after a long time, a new age is dawning, an age for a new band of heroes to make a name for themselves against the vast array of villains that will be lining up against them.

This is the New Age of Heroes campaign using the Fuzion rule system with a wide variety of plugins.

This is a full list of all the plugins that are being used for the campaign: Atomik Magic 2nd Edition, Atomik Magic 2nd Edition Grimoire, Power Core, Fists of Fuzion, Atomik Alienz, Atomik Psioniks, Atomik Cybertek, Atomik Motorwarz, The Fuzion Arsenal Volume I, The Fuzion Arsenal Volume II, The Fuzion Arsenal Volume III, Guns and Butter, Guns Guns Guns 3rd Edition Fuzion Supplement, Atomik Armory, Accessories, & Equipment (A.X.E), Atomick Fuzion Plugin – Total War – ACS 3nd Ed – ExC, FuzionWarMachine, All Cyberfuzion Plugins, Mecha Plus Plugin, Mekton Zeta Power Suit Construction Plugin, Fuzion House Rules.